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Career Planning

Long View Approach - Career Planning

In the past 20 years, the human life expectancy has been improved significantly, and the retirement age has been rising. In other words, the retirement is starting later but lasting longer. People used to think that careers would be over when they are around 40s. However, it may not be even at the halfway point. Actually people tend to underestimate the length of a career. Therefore it is necessary to plan for a long career journey, especially if a successful career is concerned.

Generally careers can be divided into three stages:

  1. Start strong in the first 15 years of the career;
  2. Reach high in the middle;
  3. Go far near or even beyond retirement.

The book The Long View tries to introduce us to a set of career mindset, framework, and tools, to help us learn how to collect the ‘fuel’ to achieve our career goals at the different stages. As a result of reading and learning, I made a presentation based on the book, hopefully it could highlight the main points.